Eugene Ch. is...
A fanatic Zelgadiss fan since 1998. Not active since her twin boys came out.
Slayers is...
A mega-hit anime during 1995-2005. Tons of young people were crazy for the series and Eugene was one of them, too.
TSoC is...
A huge Slayers fansite since 1999. It will shut down before 2012.
Eugene's other artworks
are in http://eugenech.
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Slayers fanarts
This archive is moved from The Sea of Chaos: Slayers World. 600+ Slayers fanart images since 1998: Group, SD, Couplings, Single characters, Zel, Xel, and cross-over parady arts
Slayers Fanmangas
Slayers doujinshis by Eugene Ch. Published at Korea doujin Markets. One of his days, Bloody buddy, Waiting for you and oekaki fancomics
Other fanarts
Mostly for Princess TuTu Korean union and Inuyasha fan friends. Some Slayers Junk images,too.
This page was a part of TSoC (The Sea of Chaos)
Only Eugene's fanarts part is moved to here and revamped. Other stuff is at
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